Abdul Hai Khan

Abdul Hai Khan has been the Managing Director of Grameen Trust (GT) since January 1, 2017. He had been working in Grameen Trust as the General Manager since October 2005.

Before joining GT, Mr. Khan worked as the Deputy General Manager of Grameen Bank and served as the Head of Training and Special Program Department. He had the opportunity to work with Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus in Grameen Bank for more than 25 years and performed his duties in various positions.

Mr. Khan has a wide range of experience on GT’s worldwide replication programs following Grameen Bank Approach (GBA). He was the CEO of Kosovo Grameen Missione Arcobaleno Microcredit Fund (KGMAMF) in Kosovo from 2003-2005 and General Manager of Family Bank in Bahrain from 2009-2011

.He has conducted many international training programs on various issues on Microcredit and Social Business in different countries as well as monitoring and evaluation visits to the microcredit projects run, owned and/or managed by GT worldwide. He also conducted a ‘Fact Finding Mission’ in Nepal in 2013.

Mr. Khan serves as the member of a number of Boards in different microfinance organizations and Social Business entities in Bangladesh and China.